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For a couple of weeks now Hamas has been firing rockets at Israel causing them to continuously seek refuge in bomb shelters. However, when Israel fires back, executing the right to defend themselves, they are criticized as being too brutal, too extreme, and killers of the innocent. What people do not or do not want to understand is that Israel is in the crosshairs of Hamas who want to destroy the nation and the Jewish people. Not only that, they have made these comments public. It is also common knowledge now that Hamas is supported and sponsored by Iran who have stated repeatedly in the media they want to destroy the Zionist regime and push Israel into the sea. Six days ago on July 20th, the day is being called Bloody Sunday as 13 IDF soldiers were killed in Gaza and many 87 died. ┬áMahmmoud Abbas cried to The UN’s Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon about Israel committing genocide and Moon urged Israel to use “maximum restraint”.

Wait a minute! I thought countries had an obligation to protect their citizens and defend their land against enemies? I guess this does not apply to Israel. As a matter of fact, The UN is now condemning Israel for human rights violations and many nations have voted to launch an investigation. Thankfully Canada was not there and The USA voted against it. Some of the countries such as Viet Nam, Pakistan, and Iran who voted for this inquiry are some of the worst abusers of human rights ever. Can you see what is wrong with this picture?

I will be very frank in saying my spirit has been very grieved this week. Conflict has been brewing in the Middle East ever since Israel became a nation again in 1948, but it seems now to be getting worse and worse. Anti semetism is on the rise not only in the Middle East, but in Europe and over here in North America. In France, Germany, and Italy the leaders of those nations had to publicly stop Pro Hamas and Pro Palestinian demonstrations and rallies because the people were not peaceful and got out of hand every time. Don’t take my word for it. It is in the news. ┬áDo not believe me that it exists here in Canada? Well, how come there were Jewish supporters who were physically attacked in anti Israel demonstrations in Toronto? What about the protests held in Toronto and Montreal about Israeli military action in Gaza? What about the lady and her daughter who were both flung to the ground in Calgary by Pro Hamas supporters? They punched the lady in the stomach so hard she was left with bruises. This was after they ripped an Israeli flag out of an Israeli demonstrator’s hands and punched him as well. The Hamas flag was being flown with pride too I might add.

I know this in not one of my uplifting posts that I have written before but I am here to please God and not man. It is not my job to judge, but to present the facts and write what God wants me to. We as the church need to have Israel’s back. Culture wise and popularity wise it might not seem like the right thing to do but who are we to please? God or man? Israel needs our prayers desperately for wisdom and guidance in these last days. We must remember that if it was not for Israel, we would not have our bibles today, but also our Messiah. Whether the Jews believe he has come or not is NOT the point.

I also pray for a revelation of God to the whole Arab world because God loves them as much as he loves us. Not to mention they are continuing to wage war against Israel at their own peril. Don’t believe me? Read Zechariah 12. I think God is very clear he will fight for and defend Israel. Verse 3 really was sobering to me where it said God will make Jerusalem a burdensome stone and all who burden themselves with Jerusalem shall be cut in pieces. Yikes! And God was not concerned even though all the people of the earth shall be gathered to fight against it.

Let’s go back even further. Before the nation of Israel was even formed, what was a promise God gave to Abraham? In Genesis 12:1-3 God told Abraham to get out of his country and go to a country that he would be shown. God promised Abraham that he would make him a great nation and would be a blessing. Verse 3 is key for us. God said he will bless those that bless Israel and will curse those that do not. One can say God did not mean that but meant about Abraham only. Nonsense! God just said in verse 2 he would make him into a great nation. Therefore, it is to our benefit to bless Israel. I do not know about you but I want God’s blessings and not curses.

The bible is very clear about another thing. We the Gentiles have been adopted as sons and daughters to God. In Romans 11:11 Paul writes how our salvation is to spurn the Jews to jealousy. In verse 19 Paul said that the branches (Israel) were broken off so the Gentiles could be grafted in. He went on to say in verse 21 that if God did not spare the branches he would not spare us either. The verses go on to say that when the fullness of the Gentiles are saved ALL of Israel will be saved. God’s heart is still Israel. Zechariah 2:8 says that Israel is the apple of His eye.

My heart’s desire is to see everyone have the fullness of God’s blessing in their lives. I am so thankful that I live in a country whose leader supports Israel. Even if Canada rejects Israel in the future, or if you live in a country whose leadership does not support Israel. God still wants to bless YOU! He wants you and your household to be blessed. So I just enourage everyone to support Israel prayerfully and publically. I am not saying to go and join a pro Israel rally, (however if you feel God is leading you to do that, all the more power to ya) but wherever you go and the conversation about the Middle East gets brought up and people start knocking Israel, I encourage you to gently share with them the truth. Whether they believe it or not is between them and God. And I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, God will be faithful to us.

God bless you all!