David And Mephibosheth…….A Mirror Of The Father’s Love Towards Us Today

Posted: March 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

I was driving home from work on Thursday when God told me that when David was kind to Mephibosheth, it was a preview of how God’s favour and grace are with us today. This story is not something I have read for at least a year so I was excited to search His Word and read this story once again. 

I must admit, the further along I read the story, the more excited I became at what God was revealing. In verse 1 David asked if there was anyone left from the house of Saul that he might show kindness to for Jonathan’s sake. Saul was no fan of David. In fact, he tried to kill him so he would not get the throne. David could have killed Saul a couple of times but did not because he had respect for the king and would not touch the Lord’s Anointed. Unfortunately, Saul had fallen out of favour with God and the kingdom was eventually taken from him.. When Adam sinned, he gave dominion of the world over to Satan and took on the sinful nature. We, like Saul, were born with a sinful nature and are in desperate need of grace and mercy because of it. Enter Jesus! When He took our place on the cross he paid the penalty of all of our sins past, present, and future. Since Jesus took our sins upon Himself and paid the price, God now is wanting to show us kindness for Jesus’ sake too.

In verse 3, after Ziba was found and stood before David, he made it known about Mephibosheth’s disability of two lame feet. The lame feet represents our sin. Mephibosheth was dropped by a nurse when they were fleeing Gibeah. In other words, he had no control over his condition at all. We also do not have any choice but to be born into sin because of Adam’s mistake. However, since Jesus paid the price, God wants to shower us with his kindness and it does not matter who we are or where we live. In verses 4 and 5, David asked where Mephibosheth was and when he found out he resided in Lodebar, he sent for him immediately. God sends the Holy Spirit to draw us to Him. 

In verse 6, Mephibosheth’s reaction of bowing before David in reverence is the same as our reaction is to God. We bow before him too because he is worthy of honour, and praise. Verse 7 is where things really get interesting. It was in this verse that David said he will show Mephibosheth kindness for Jonathan’s sake, restore to him the land of Saul his grandfather, and the promise of eating at his table continually. Wow! Can you imagine what must have been going through Mephibosheth’s mind? I am absolutely positive he was thinking “I am not worthy or deserve any of this” because in verse 8 he bowed and asked David why he should look upon a dead dog as himself. Wow! he sure didn’t think much of himself did he? But before we all start saying he had self esteem and insecurity issues, we must realize that we react the same way to God ourselves. I know I have many times. Satan lies to us and tells us we are not worthy of His love or His presence in our lives. Grace and mercy are right in there too. And the unfortunate part is, most of the time we choose to believe Satan and not God. We all tend to forget what John 10:10 says. It says Satan (or the thief) comes only to kill, steal, and destroy. But Jesus came that we would have life and more abundantly. Satan has stolen many things from us but God wants to restore it all back!


Like David showing Mephibosheth kindness for the sake of Jonathan, God shows it to us for the sake of Jesus. God wants restore to us all the enemy has stolen and to eat bread at his table continually. Did you catch David saying about eating bread continually? Jesus said he is The Bread of Life in John 6:35. He made it abundantly clear that whoever comes to him will not hunger anymore and believes in him will no longer thirst. The key word is “come”. The invitation is there and we must accept it and go. In verse 11 David made it clear that Mephibosheth will eat at his table as one of his sons. Paul made it pretty clear in Ephesians 1:3 that God has blessed us with ALL spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ. He also said in verse 5 that we are adopted as children by Jesus to Himself according to the GOOD PLEASURE of His will. If the church really believed and had a revelation of what Ephesians 1 said, our lives would be so radically different. 

Not only did Mephibosheth gain unlimited access to the king’s table, he also had Ziba, who was a servant from Saul’s house as well as Ziba’s 15 sons and 20 servants at his disposal. Isn’t that cool? David made it clear to Ziba that he and his household were to till the land and bring in the fruits for Mephibosheth. 

Verse 12 says that Mephibosheth had a young son named Micha. Not only was Micha’s dad getting blessed, he was too! When God blesses us today, his desire is for it to overflow to our entire household. Thankfully verse 13 said that Mephibosheth dwelt in Jerusalem and did eat continually at David’s table. The good news is, the invitation was accepted. God wants us to accept His invitation also. 

I thought it was real interesting that at the end of verse 13 it stated that Mephibosheth was lame on both his feet. I really believe God is trying to drive the point home here that it is not about us and what we do but about Him and His kindness. I looked up Mephibosheth in Strong’s Concordance and the Hebrew meaning of that name is “dispeller of shame”. Wow! What a great meaning! When we allow God to be kind to us, our shame will be dispelled. And the meaning of dispel is to “drive off in various directions” and to “cause to vanish”. When we stay in God’s presence and allow the Holy Spirit to continually lead us, the shame will be driven off in every direction imaginable! God says in Hebrew 8:12 and Isaiah 43:25 that He remembers our sins no more. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it. My prayer for the church is that we will grab onto this objective truth about God’s love for us and how He longs for us to be in His presence and allows Him to show us kindness for the sake of Jesus.

God Bless you all!

  1. Scott Hildebrandt says:

    Very good Brett! Lo-Debar means no pasture, and I’ve heard it translated house of desolation. How wonderful that our Saviour takes us from a place of no pasture and a house of desolation, and brings us into his green pastures, and a house of bread. God Bless! Scott

    • Brettmeister says:

      Well I learned something there! I had no idea that Lo-debar meant no pasture. That certainly confirms the message God is trying to convey to us. Thanks for sharing and God Bless you too!

  2. Donna Mitchell says:


    This was so good to read and exciting the insights the Lord has shown you as you have written here.

    What and encouraging and truthful insight and thank you for sharing it with us all for our study and growth.

    You could of preached this at the church today. Well done.


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