Isaiah Chapter 2: A Message of Hope and Warning

Posted: February 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

Recently I was awakened at 2 am with a strong impression to read the second chapter of Isaiah. The first thing that jumped out to me immediately was verse 2 making it clear that  this prophecy will take place in the last days, or the time we are in now. The other thing that jumped out at me in verse 2 is the Lord’s house is in the top of the mountains and all nations will flow to it. I remember as a child playing the game King of the Hill at school during recess and the one who stayed on top of the hill reigned supreme. The scripture is clearly showing us God is reigning supreme too. The verse concludes with saying the nations shall “flow unto it.” The choice of the word flow is interesting. The Hebrew word for flow is to “sparkle” and to “be cheerful”. This paints a great picture of the majesty of God and how happy the nations will be going to his house. Verse 3 carries on with this by many people saying about going to God’s house so they can learn His ways and walk in His paths. I immediately began to think that this is taken place in the 1000 year reign of Jesus after he returns to the earth because it says in verse 4 how He will judge the nations, rebuke many people, and the people will not learn war anymore. This signifies a time of peace on the earth.

From verse 6 to the end of the chapter is where I saw warning taking over. It is interesting how in verse 6 it says that Israel has been replenished from the east. In Isaiah’s time, the nation became enthralled with Babylon which was the leader in the occult, sorcery, and the magic arts. Babylon is east of Israel. However, since this was written for the end time, I believe it is also a warning to the church, or “spiritual Israel”, to not become deceived and polluted with the traditions from the east. What traditions are these? Good examples are New Age Movement, Buddhism, and the martial arts. Many of the martial arts today end in “DO” which means “Way” or “The Way”. Well in John 14:6 Jesus made it clear that he is the way, the truth, and the life. And no one gets to The Father but through him. Examples of these martial arts are judo, taekwondo, and aikido. These are rooted in Buddhism. Many in the church today freely participate in martial arts and are opening their spirits to things God never intended.

Verses 7-8 also stood out because of how Isaiah described the land as full of silver and gold and the people worshipped idols and the work of their hands. It made me think back to when God gave Moses the 10 Commandments back in Exodus 20. The first command God made was to have no gods before him and the second was not to make an idol of any kind or an image of anything and not to worship them for He is a jealous God. It has made me take stock of my own life and remind myself that if I do not put God first in everything, then there are idols present. We in the western world may not worship physical idols, but do we watch sports and neglect spending time with God? Are we willing to let Him have reign and lordship over EVERY area of our lives? If we do not, we are in trouble, me included.

Verses 9-22 clearly show God’s judgement against ANYONE who does not worship Him, and is proud, haughty and arrogant concerning him. I immediately thought of Galatians 6:7 where it says God is not mocked and a man reaps what he sows. I absolutely love how verse 11 says that The Lord will be exalted in that day and man will be humbled. Verse 12 says the day of The Lord also. This is referring to the terrible judgement described in Joel chapter 2 where it talks about fire. Interestingly enough, Hebrews 12:29 says that God is a consuming fire. Isaiah makes it clear in verses 13-16 that it does not matter where one is such as high towers, fenced walls, cedars of Lebanon, or the ships of Tarshish, God wants and demands to be first in our lives. Verse 17 was almost identical to verse 11 and Isaiah really drives the point home that God will be exalted and the arrogance of man shall be brought down. After God is exalted, all the idols are removed.

Verse 19 sounds eerily similar to Revelation 6 because both chapters say that man hides among the rocks. Isaiah says God shakes the earth while John in Revelation paints a more graphic picture saying things like the mountains and islands are removed from their place and the sky rolling up like a scroll.

I think the choices of creatures that Isaiah uses in verse 20 is very interesting. It says that man will cast his idols to the moles and to the bats. Bats are blind and moles, while not blind, have very tiny eyes and ears. Wikipedia actually describes them as “invisible” eyes.

I really believe the point that is being made here is God wants to be first place in our lives. If we turn our backs on God, and want nothing to do with Him, we are then worshipping the things of life instead of God. Our allegiance has to be somewhere. In Exodus 20:5-6 God says he will bring the sins of the fathers to the third and fourth generation but promises mercy to thousands who love Him and keep His commandments.

I went away from this chapter with a sober reminder that God wants and deserves first place in my life. Jesus made it simple in Matthew 6:33 where He said that if we seek the kingdom of God first and His righteousness, God will take care of the rest. What an awesome promise from our Heavenly Father who loves us and is patient with us!! My prayer is we all put God first, keep Him there, and He will keep us in the shelter of His wings.

God bless you all!!






  1. Larry says:

    Thanks Brett.

  2. Stephen Kehl says:

    Excellent word Brett! I was impressed with your insight and your knowledge of what God was saying to you. I can’t wait until your next post.

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